How to get your point across

Once I stumbled over an altered version of my comic Ew, shit. After a little research I found a few different versions. Then one day, someone mentioned in the comment section of my comic that he has seen “this image being used a million times”. So I checked again and found a lot more than last time:

Collection of different 'Ew, I stepped in shit' versions These are the ones I found on the internet. They do not necessarily reflect my opinion.

Ha! I think it is quite amusing (and I feel a bit flattered!). The guy in the comments also mentioned how “each one gets worse in quality” so I decided to redo it. So if you wish to tell someone in a really immature, provocative way what you think of something, here you go:

If you like to keep it simple:

Ew, I stepped in shit - Your opinion 

If you would like to make your own:

Ew, I stepped in shit - Template

Thank you and have a nice day!