LOLJA Duolingo

‘Grævlingen slog min søster med pølserne.’ → ‘The badger hit my sister with the sausages.’ This Danish course teaches you not only the language but apparently also about the hazards that await you in Denmark.

Haven’t you always wanted to learn another language? But it just seems so time consuming and expensive and you already hated French in school? Yes? No, but you want to read on anyway? Well let me show you something: Duolingo is a website which helps you learn a language. For free! Without ads! At the moment you can choose from thirteen languages: Spanish, French, German (JA DAS IST GUT!), Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian (Only Bokmål. Sorry, Nynorsk), Esperanto, and Ukrainian. These language courses are still in progress and hopefully available soon: Hungarian, Russian, Vietnamese, Romanian, Polish, Hebrew, Hindi, and Klingon!

You start with lessons that teach you some basic grammar and vocabulary. At a reasonable pace more and more words and rules are introduced. If after a couple of lessons you find yourself struggling with all the new information you can always go back and redo them. It gives you a good first impression of a language and solid basics to build on. But of course you can’t solely rely on Duolingo. If you really want to learn a language you must be willing to do some extra work. But in the end it is up to you how fast and intensive you want to learn.

The whole learning process is gamified, which some people like and other people hate. You get points and “lingots” (Duolingo’s currency) for your effort so you can buy extra lessons like “Proverbs and Idioms” or “Flirting” (depending on the language you learn). You can even dress up your owl! But I won’t tell you what that means! You can also ignore those little extras and just focus on your progress. I for my part am motivated just by a number that shows how many days in a row I have finished at least one lesson.

Duolingo motivated me to learn a new language and now I even have a tandem partner. So it really worked for me! I’ve been using this website for quite a while now and I am really glad that a friend showed it to me. It is such a nice little extra to my everyday life! Let me know if I convinced you to take a look. And remember: Being able to speak another language is sexy!

For more information on Duolingo and how it works you can read its Wikipedia article. Maybe I will write a little text on my language tandem and how I am trying to learn Danish at the moment. If you have a specific question go on and ask so I can answer it next time!   Thank you and have a nice day!