A Long Break

So it took me over a month to create a new comic. What happened to the lolnein that updated every few days? The answer is really simple and not really worth a blog entry. But I wanted you to know that I am sorry I left you waiting for quite some time without giving any information on what is happening.

I had other things on my mind. Not immensely important things. Just … things, you know? Every attempt to think of something funny failed miserably and demotivated me even more. So I had no ideas. And I had no motivation to draw. That’s because I am extremely unsatisifed with the drawings. I wanted to change the art style and caused me to completely lose momentum. I still haven’t found a style I want to work with. So expect the next comics to look a bit different. And yes, of course I will try to update more often again! To make you smile. To make you happy. Because I love you.

Have a nice day!