29 June 2015
Once I stumbled over an altered version of my comic Ew, shit. After a little research I found a few different versions. Then one day, someone mentioned in the comment section of my comic that he has seen “this image being used a million times”. So I che... more
23 June 2015
This Danish course teaches you not only the language but apparently also about the hazards that await you in Denmark. Haven’t you always wanted to learn another language? But it just seems so time consuming and expensive and you already hated French i... more
21 February 2014
So it took me over a month to create a new comic. What happened to the lolnein that updated every few days? The answer is really simple and not really worth a blog entry. But I wanted you to know that I am sorry I left you waiting for quite some time wi... more
13 December 2013
Original comic: click here Traced comic: click here more
17 October 2013
Stuff is happening on lolnein! I present to you: My life’s work. more
14 October 2013
You. Are. Awesome. So yesterday the lolnein Facebook page reached 1000 likes which has been a goal since I started the webcomic. I may have a lot more followers on Tumblr, but likes on Facebook seem to be a more precise indicator of how successful some... more
19 September 2013
I already wanted to make PARTY HARD GIFs when I drew the comics (and some people asked for them as well). So finally here they are! more
08 August 2013
Oh yeah! Today lolnein.com reached 100 posts (composed of 96 comics, 2 videos, and 2 GIFs). But this wouldn’t have happened without all the likes, shares, and comments. Knowing that people dig my stuff and laugh about it really motivates me. If you are... more
02 August 2013
Guess what I found when I checked my postbox today? (PSST YOU DON’T HAVE TO GUESS THE TITLE ALREADY SAYS IT) So I got my first fan mail and it made my day! It is a nice little postcard and it has a cute little drawing on it, too! Look at those high qua... more
01 August 2013
I have created a German Twitter account which I will use for random brain farts in my mother tongue. So if you speak German, follow me. If not, learn German and then follow me. Or just pretend you speak German and follow me. Thank you for your atten... more